A Mechanical fryer fan circulates hot air in Air Fryer Cookers at high speeds. That enables you to cook faster and gives your food a crispy texture. Below are the benefits of using air fryers that have a mechanical fryer fan as one of their features.

  • No Flipping Of Food

Air fryers use additional grill plate for even heating. The mechanical fryer fan increases this efficiency by forcing in hot air. That enables you to cook food evenly as you don’t need to keep flipping over your food. You also don’t have to worry about food sticking together as in the case of deep fryers.

  • Crispy Food

Mechanical fryer fans enable you to cook crispy food. That’s because the heating element that is the hot air heats your food evenly. The result is a flavorful tasting food.

  • Healthy Food

Mechanical fans enable you to cook healthy food. That’s because you use less oil or in the case of raw meat no cooking oil at all. Air frying uses 80% less oil when cooking. That’s as a result of the forced hot air.

  • Less Time Taken

You take less time to cook with a philips airfryer review as compared to traditional a nuwave pro infrared oven. That’s because of the hot air circulated by the mechanical fryer fans. Food that previously took you more than half an hour can take less than twenty minutes to fry.

  • Safety

You are also safer when using Air fryers. That’s because as compared to traditional deep fat frying, there is no splattering of hot oils or spillages. You are also able to control the mechanical fryer fan using its temperature controls.

How a Mechanical Fryer Fan Works

Your air fryers mechanical fan has a form of air intake and exhaust system that is underneath it. That allows fresh air to come in during cooking. It’s then heated to the required cooking temperatures and circulates around your food.

Used air gets emitted through a rear or top side located vent. Before this, it’s cooled and filtered to make it safe for indoor use.


Mechanical fryer fans are a great addition to your air fryer. You should look out for models that have a wider range of temperature control. You should also look out for Air fryer’s costs and designs that suit your budget needs.